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Last updated on: 06/06/2006

to the newly expanded TryScience Teachers section! We've put together a wealth of resources to help you integrate TryScience and science center resources into your classroom activities, connect with your parents and students, and more! Check out what we have to offer!

Now Featured on TryScience
Learn more about the concepts behind grid computing. Play against the clock and solve huge problems with
The Grid.

PowerUp the Game
Wind Turbine

PowerUp is a free online 3-D multiplayer game that allows students to experience the excitement and the diversity of modern engineering while saving the earth from disaster.

It is a learning resource that will engage your students as thoroughly as the video games they play at home and on their mobile phones. The game is designed to motivate students to apply science and math concepts in tackling real world environmental problems.

Visit the PowerUp site for more information, a detailed teacher’s guide to the game and lesson plans designed to provide a more in-depth exploration of science and engineering concepts addressed in the game.

Check This out!
Activities for National Engineer's Week 2008 are already underway. Check out our E-Week site to find ways to engineer it with TryScience.

To find more ways to introduce engineering in your classroom, check out the TryEngineering.org website.

TryScience @ Home
Promote family science and offer support for parents! Will you scramble eggs?

Discover how Eggs at Rest Stay at Rest with a broom, an empty toilet paper roll, a pie pan and a glass of water.

Professional Development 
Want to introduce your classroom to the wonderful world of plants?

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden offers professional development courses for middle school science teachers in South Florida. Downloadable course materials are available for teachers anywhere.

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